What sets PRS apart?

Peace River Studios

Creative Thinking

Our philosophy might be summed up in a short phrase: no cookie cutters allowed. We view every project as a distinct undertaking with its own special stories, challenges, and site-specific conditions. We are strong believers in the power of cross pollination. If there is one constant, it is being curious and asking questions.


Peace River Studios

Real Experience

With over three decades in the field we've had the good fortune to shoot in an amazing variety of locations, including air and land, on and under water. For a recent project we built a foam float-cam that sent three cameras down a river. Earlier projects brought to life a cable cam strung between trees and an Ultralight cam for capturing the dramatic vistas of canyons in the Southwest.

From the Navajo to Thoreau, Mayan ruins to Pacific islands, microscopic plankton to the world's largest mammals, our subject matter has been equally diverse. On each project we find ways to get the shot and tell the story† while maintaining an unwavering curiosity in the wonders of the world.


Peace River Studios

Cool Tools

Innovative productions require innovative tools. In the course of many hours in the field and studio, founder John Borden has responded to filming challenges by designing and building specialized pieces of equipment. A short list of custom solutions includes:

  • GyroPro camera stabilizers, which enable filming under a variety of unusual conditions, including boats on choppy water, moving land vehicles, and fast flying aircraft.

  • TrailRail™, a lightweight computer-controlled camera transport system that allows shooting of complex 3-axis camera moves in the field, on the trail, or among trees.

  • 3Sixty™, a panoramic camera mount, which simplifies photographic recording of seamless 360-degree pictures for panoramic or immersion production (these were the first mounts developed specifically for Apple's QuickTime® VR Authoring Tools Suite).

  • PixOrb™, a motorized head for fully automated panoramic and spherical photography
  • The ObjectMaker™ filming system to capture images of an object from virtually every angle for interactive playback.