This intuitive modular system is light-weight and is designed to significantly extend the capabilities of the extraordinary new family of tape-less digital cinema cameras as well as oncoming generations of high resolution digital still cameras.

The PixOrb™ operates with our comprehensive motion-control software, and is typically tethered to a laptop computer. It can also run in a stand-alone mode using on-board pre-programmed routines or run by Joystick or knobs for very smooth manual control. It can easily be configured on location or in the studio in a variety of different ways to perform a wide range of unique tasks using just a few tools.

The PixOrb™ is extremely accurate and repeatable with no mechanical backlash.
Our software supports very smooth feathered pan/tilt moves for full motion video, and time-lapse, photospheres, stitched large format imaging, and in the future, inward looking Object Movies. All can all be programmed or preformed accurately and with ease.

This device is especially is well suited for feature film second-unit cinematography in remote places.
The PixOrb™ can control a third and more axes for complex moves with straight and curved TrailRail™ ground track, or traveling suspended under structural beam system that is expandable to span more than 60 feet supported only at each end.

PixOrb™ has additional applications in special effects photography such as HDRI (High Dynamic Range Imaging), time-lapse photography, and film and video repeatable motion control

This intuitive modular system is designed to significantly extend the capabilities of the extraordinary new family of tape-less digital cinema cameras as well as new generation of high-resolution digital still cameras.

The modular frame system can be taken apart and configured for a range of camera sizes and lens combinations to minimize weight for transport, including backpacking, for specific projects.

Adding a longer horizontal base strut and a longer lower horizontal cradle strut can accommodate multiple cameras for 3D stereo imaging projects. The erector set approach also makes this equipment especially well suited for imaging research projects.

For additional power, a second tilt motor can be added to the opposite side of the cradle.

The onboard battery, allows pan and tilt beyond 360 degrees without concern about cable management.

Smooth and quiet operation is suitable for natural settings and wildlife photography. It can also be tethered to a computer for extensive customization of its motion control routines.

Multiple Uses:
• automatic two-axis indexing and image capturing for creating spherical and cylindrical panoramas and two-axis time-lapse movies.
• Programmable for any number and size of pan and tilt increments
• Repeatable two-axis moves for creating full-motion film or video
• Can be mounted on our TrailRail™ linear dolly system for lightweight three-axis still and full motion image capturing.
Accuracy and repeatability is in arc-seconds and exceeds any inaccuracies resulting from atmospheric aberrations.

Modular aluminum ‘T’ slotted frame mounted on a motorized base with a precision large diameter four point contact ball bearing
• An exterior fixed frame
• An interior tilt frame suspended within the fixed frame
• (Custom sizing and configurations available)

Mounting and adjustments:
PixOrb™ mounts on any tripod or leveling head with appropriate capacity, it is engineered to be suspended from above and work equally well inverted.
Dovetailed camera brackets provide for easy front-to-back, side-to-side and up-down adjustments and locked securely at single points. This system allows for precise positioning of the lens nodal point for both vertical and horizontal rotation.
The tilt axis has an electronic brake to hold position with power off, but the cradle can be released to swing free for balancing when needed.

Motors and Control:
The PixOrb™ has two precision motors equipped with revolvers and 100 to 1 reduction harmonic gear heads. This arrangement provides very smooth and extremely accurate powered movement in tilt and pan with no backlash for full repeatability. Full programmable feathers stops and starts and ramps can be set in the program and saved for future use.

Import/Export of motion tables allow exchange of position data with other programs.

The mount can be pre-programmed to eliminate the need to carry a laptop when it is not needed.
an optional automatic electric brake can hold the tilt motor in position when power is turned off. The on-board control box allows the machine to operate independently from a computer as mentioned above.

Four I/O ports for triggering a camera and accepting input signals, e.g., from an intervalometer, remote program pause switch, a three axis Joystick etc.
Toggle switches allow you to select between pre-programmed sequences
The comprehensive software runs on a Macintosh or PC running XP. An infinite number of preprogrammed moves and be programmed with an easy to understand interface.

• Operates with a single rechargeable Lithium Ion 25.2 V, 2.9 amp hour, 73 Watt hour battery with a state of charge display.

The PixOrb™ is sold with a wheeled waterproof Hardigg Storm Case with an extendable handle. A framed backpack is recommended for use in the backcountry.